Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Review

The much publicized Microsoft Surface Pro 5 tablet is launching any day now. Amidst all the hype we want to go back and take a look at the Surface Pro 4, which has had great success over the past year. Yes, it’s hard to believe, but the 4 has only been out for 1 year, and we are already chomping at the bit for the Surface Pro 5 to be released. Taking into consideration some of the potential changes, consumers will have to decide if the new machine is worth the upgrade. Here are some of the things we know about the current model.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4The new Surface Pro 4 had many upgrades and features over the Surface Pro 3 model, so obviously there will be improvements with the 5, but will they be enough?

With the Surface 4, Microsoft widened the device to 12.3 inches. It is also little thinner than the Surface Pro 3 was. The screen size is a little larger and is lighter than the previous version at 1.73 pounds. Also, resolution has been increased for better viewing, on par with many competitors.

Pricing started at around $899 and the 5 is expected to release around this price-point as well. The Surface Pro 4 came with a Core M chip (similar to, but newer than the one in Apple’s MacBook) and 4GB of RAM. It looks like the new model will in fact have more RAM, more storage, and a slightly faster processor.

Some reports believe the device will be about 30 percent quicker than the Pro 4, but of course we all know this is tough to judge exactly, and depends on how the device is used.

One area where Microsoft has fallen a bit in previous versions is its keyboard cover. The new one suitable for the Pro 5 is said to add a better experience. The keys are a little bit improved. They also added a new, larger trackpad to improve usability.

Users will also notice Microsoft improved its Surface Pen. The Surface Pen is more pressure sensitive and feels more like actual writing. It works with new technology in the Pro 5’s display to provide a better writing experience than older models.

Battery life still falls a bit short in our opinion, although it is supposed to be slightly improved. Figure about 7 to 10 hours between charges, but that all depends on how it’s being used.

Microsoft Surface Pro TabletWindows 10 is, of course, the operating system. This, like previous versions, enables a user to access all of the Office suites, apps, etc.

Road warriors and others who like to share information over various ports may be disappointed as the number of ports are limited.

As people have shifted to smartphones and tablets, Microsoft has been challenged as the computing leader. Their Windows operating system is a distant third with mobile devices. The software company is hoping to change the tide with Windows 10.

Overall, most will agree that the Surface product is no real substitute for a laptop. Therefore shoppers will have to decide if a high-end upgrade to their current tablet truly provides the functionality, and practically they seek.

This new tablet’s screen has an ambient light sensor. This is a sensor that automatically adjusts the screen to the optimal brightness depending on the light of the room. Eg, if you are outdoors on a sunny day, the screen will be brighter to help you see the screen better. But if you are using your Surface Pro in your room late at night, the screen will become dimmer to keep it from being too bright. This is good for two reasons. One, it is easier on the eyes because your eyes will not have to adjust the screen brightness, and two because it can help save battery since the display is often one of the main things that eat battery life. On top of the ambient light sensor, the Surface Pro also has a scratch resistant screen, which makes it much more durable and able to handle wear and tear.

Another great feature of this new tablet is the GPS Navigation. You won’t have to worry about ever getting lost with this tablet to your side, as long as you have WIFI access. It’s always nice when a device comes with GPS Navigation because then you don’t have to worry about purchasing one separately, saving you quite a bit of money. On top of GPS Navigation, the Surface Pro offers the ability of video recording. It is also nice to have that on a tablet instead of having to invest in a video camera. The camera on it can be front facing, so if you want to take a picture of you with your friends, you do not have to worry about asking someone else to take it for you, as you might be able to see yourself in the camera.

The Surface Pro offers a lot of features that make it a great tablet to consider when you are on the market. Its screen is both durable and easy on the eyes with its ambient light sensor.